ActiLingua Online Test

Test your German language skills

German online test: how advanced is your german?

Would you like to find out how good your German language skills really are right now? Then you're welcomed to take a few minutes time to complete the following test helps you to check your current German language skills.

How does it works?

Please go through the exercises in the order they are listed. In order not to distort the results, please complete the tests without the help of a dictionary or grammar book!

You will receive your result at the end of the test with a click on the button "Abschicken".
We wish you good luck and hope to see you soon at ActiLingua Academy!

Note: If you book a German course at ActiLingua Academy , these online tests do not replace the written assessment test during the placement procedure. Find out more about our German course levels on our website.

Please use the following spellings: ä = ae | ö = oe | ü = ue | ß = ss

Time: approximately 60 minutes.