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Travel Reports

Experiencing Vienna

A week with ActiLinuga

"I really like ActiLingua because you learn from good teachers and Vienna is a fascinating city. "
Juan Simenez, Colombia

Travel Report - by Maria

"My experience from all my classes, was that we had a lot of fun. Almost every lesson we laughed at cultural differences, games that we played and fun experiences that my classmates shared. "

Rapporto di viaggo - di Carlo (Italiano)

"Se volete approfondire il tedesco e passare una vacanza indimenticabile dovete assolutamente iscrivervi ad uno di questi corsi proposti di questi corsi proposti dall’ Actilingua"
Carlo, Italia

Rapporto di viaggo - di Mattia (Italiano)

"Quindi in conclusione vi consiglio caldamente caldamente questa esperienza nella speranza in cui seguire il mio consiglio Buone Vacanze!"
Mattia, Italia

My ActiLinuga

"Austria is wonderful everywhere though. But I am absolutely in love with Austrian mountains: air, sun, feelings.....It's incredible.......I couldn't stop to make photos and was ready to fly...."
Jana Krippel, Russia

Vienna memories - My Experience at Actilingua Language Academy!

"The time I spent at Actilingua Language Academy in Vienna was one of the best in my life. I had so much fun and learned more than I could have imagined. It was an amazing time."
Aamanda Cornwall, USA

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