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German Course & Work Experience

Learn German and work in Austria

Sound command of a foreign language and work experience abroad allow you to write your own career ticket. You have a head start on the competition, better career opportunities and, as a result, a solid foundation for a successful future. ActiLingua offers you German language courses in combination with an internship.
The programme "German and Work Experience" is supported by the vocational training programme of the European Union.

Lessons:25 per week: German course (20) + cultural/special interest programme (5)
Starting dates:Every Monday. Beginners see below.
Starting dates Beginners:06.05.2019 /  03.06.2019 /  01.07.2019 /  29.07.2019 /  
02.09.2019 /  30.09.2019 /  04.11.2019 /  02.12.2019 /  
Minimum duration:8 weeks German course + 4/8 weeks internship
Age:16-30 years

Application requirements

  • Preferably between 16-30 years old.
  • Good command of German (min. 2-3 years at school or min. 12 weeks German course with ActiLingua).
  • Good command of English.
  • Minimum stay in Austria: 3-4 months.
  • Health and liability insurance documents (European insurance card or private insurance) necessary on arrival.

German Preparation Course

The German course takes place in Vienna. In 20 or 30 lessons / week you improve your communication skills. Lessons in grammar and conversation help you with syntax and vocabulary building. You practice formal and informal letter writing and work on listening and reading comprehension.

Cultural/special interest classes:
Every course includes 5 lessons/week of our cultural programme and special interest classes. We organize special talks, discussions and videos on Austrian music, art, literature, history and architecture. Films, tours of the many sights of Vienna, parties and sports all form part of the programme.

Work Experience/Internship

Students may choose from the sectors listed under paid / unpaid experience. We will consider preferences as far as possible. Please note that the position offered is likely to be influenced by the applicant's previous work experience, education and his/her level of German.

Employment location: Most of the job placements offered by ActiLingua are in Vienna, Salzburg or tourist resorts in the Alps.

Placement at an Austrian company: telephone or personal interview; selection of a company suitable for the applicant. Evaluation and final report by the employer.


You can collect your job confirmation from the ActiLingua school office 4 weeks before commencement of employment. It includes precise details of your workplace, starting time and conditions. You will then call or arrange an interview with your employer and sign the job confirmation.


After the internship each participant will get a detailed description and evaluation from his employer, regarding the content and success of the traineeship.

For Students from the European Union and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Hotels and Catering: Hotel Neuhaus, Salmbräu
Ski schools: Ski / Snowboard instructor.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Working hours: 20–40 hours per week, 1–2 days off per week.
  • Tips: EUR 7.- to 15.-/day is possible, depending on your work.
  • Insurance is paid by the employer.
  • Payment as common for internships of approx. EUR 600.- per month and 40 working hours per week at hotels in the alps helps you to meet your expenses during your stay.
  • Accommodation is mostly provided by the employer or financed by a higher salary.
  • Payment in restaurants in Vienna: EUR 7.50/hour.

For Students from EU AND non-EU member states.

  • Industry: Voestalpine Rotec GmbH, Schiebel, Ernst Wittner
  • Research: IFA Tulln, Arsenal Research, Austrian Institute of Technology
  • IT and Technology: B.O.C., Medani, Siemens, T-Systems
  • Law: Zeiner & Zeiner, Forsch & Klein
  • Events and Marketing: Amuse Bouche, Event Management
  • Art: MAK, Wien Museum, Secession
  • Laboratories: BFI, BOKU, WIFI, TU Wien
  • Design and Architecture: Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Ret Hot Solutions, Architekturbüro Christoph Karl
  • NGO’s: Demokratiezentrum Wien, International Institute for Peace, IOM
  • Journalism: Central Europ. News, Standard
  • Economics and Finance: Capital Bank, Teletrade
  • Green companies: R1solar, Biohof Adamah, ESW Consulting
  • Consulting: B.O.C., Aps.Consulting
  • Import / Export: Panalpina
  • Carpentery: Die Werkstatt, Knapp & Legat
  • Vineyard: Weingut Mayer am Pfarrplatz
  • Tourism: American Express Reisebüro, Austrian Airlines, Kuoni, Vienna T. Board

Conditions of Employment:

  • Extra costs for accommodation/board: EUR 150 - 400.-/week.
  • Many employers offer meals at subsidized prices or a free travel pass for public transport.
  • Working hours: according to interest approx. 20–40 hours/week.
  • Private insurance must be taken out.

To apply for Work Experience please send us:

  • Registration form for the German course.
  • Curriculum Vitae (resume) in German or English.
  • Letter of motivation (Why do you want to do the job?).
  • 1 photo.
  • Application form for paid or unpaid work experience.
  • Health and liability insurance must be contracted by the students.

Your application papers must have reached ActiLingua a minimum of nine weeks before the start of German & Work Experience. We will confirm the receipt of your application. Our confirmation will also include information on the telephone interview between the student and the ActiLingua Placement Officer. Please call the ActiLingua Placement Officer within 5 days of receiving our confirmation.

Prices 2019

Standard Course

25 lessons8 weeksEXTRA week
Tuition only€ 1460,-€ 170,-
Tuition + Residence Standard shared€ 2668,-€ 321,-
Tuition + Residence Standard single€ 3124,-€ 378,-
Tuition + Residence Standard Twin for single use€ 3380,-€ 410,-
Tuition + Residence Superior 1 person€ 4540,-€ 555,-
Tuition + Residence Superior 1 person€ 3628,-€ 441,-
Tuition + Shared Flat/Family/Student house shared€ 2500,-€ 300,-
Tuition + Shared Flat/Family/Student house single€ 3044,-€ 368,-

Intensive Course

35 lessons8 weeksEXTRA week
Tuition only€ 2444,-€ 293,-
Tuition + Residence Standard shared€ 3652,-€ 444,-
Tuition + Residence Standard single€ 4108,-€ 501,-
Tuition + Residence Standard Twin for single use€ 4364,-€ 533,-
Tuition + Residence Superior 1 person€ 5524,-€ 678,-
Tuition + Residence Superior 1 person€ 4612,-€ 564,-
Tuition + Shared Flat/Family/Student house shared€ 3484,-€ 423,-
Tuition + Shared Flat/Family/Student house single€ 4028,-€ 491,-
Placement Service Work Experience420.00one time

Residence = ActiLingua Residence

  • Placement at an Austrian company: telephone or personal interview; selection of a company suitable for the applicant.
  • Evaluation and final report by the employer.
  • Note: No specific position or employment location can be guaranteed. Should no suitable position be found for you, we will refund the EUR 285.
  • 20/30 lessons German course per week (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • 5 lessons (2-3 times) cultural/special interest programme per week: e.g. Vienna guided tours; talks and videos about Austrian music, art, history, literature and architecture; Viennese Waltz course; parties; sports
  • Accommodation as booked (use of kitchen included)
  • ActiLingua Certificate
  • ActiLingua vocabulary book
  • Course books may be borrowed for the whole course. Books can be bought at a 50% discount from the school office.
  • Use of computers, books, CDs, DVDs and magazines in the multimedia library
  • Student service at the school office, Monday - Friday
  • Free internet access & free WiFi
  • Student manual with interesting tips on Vienna
  • ActiLingua Card entitling holder to discounts at a number of museums, theatres, restaurants and shops
High season surcharge
(30.06 - 24.08, 2019)
EUR 56.-per week
BreakfastEUR 49.-per week
Half-boardEUR 131.-per week
Transfer (from airport/station)EUR 40.-one way
Cancellation insurance4%of total amount
Travel insurance packageEUR 18.-per week
Public transport (subject to change)EUR 17.10per week

Price Calculator (Prices 2019)